MODULE 1: AWS Cloud Essentials 

Basic overview of the cloud, Different types of cloud models, Different types of cloud services, Different vendors of cloud implementation, Why  AWS?, Features of AWS and key offerings, AWS/customers, Real time Use-cases, Opportunities in Cloud

MODULE 2:AWS Fundamentals

Services: AWS service catalogue, Overview of below services along with usage, Compute Service, Storage Service, Database Service, AWS Paradigm, AWS console,Content Delivery Service, Network Service, Application Service, Deploy & Management Service

 MODULE 3:AWS Console 

Services on Console: AWS console,Compute Service, Storage Service, Database Service, Content Delivery Service,  Network Service, Application Service, Deploy & Management Service on Console,AWS CLI tool kit 

MODULE 4: High Availability

Scalability and Elasticity, Scalability And Elasticity Essentials, Reserved Instance Purchases Based on Business  Requirement, Elastic Load Balancer, Autoscaling , Configuration of  autoscaling & autoscaling groups, Understanding RDS  Multi-AZ  Failover,Scenario on scale  up and scale down scenarios,  fault tolerance , High Availability using Elastic IP  Addresses

MODULE 5: Monitoring and Metrics For Performance And Availability

How to Monitor availability and Performance, Creating Cloud Watch Alarms, Configuring Monitoring Scripts for Amazon EC2 Instances, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instance and System Status Checks, Monitoring EBS For Performance , Monitoring RDS ,AWS Billing And Linking AWS Accounts, AWS Billing Dimensions and Metrics For Cloud Watch , Monitoring The Elastic Load Balancer , Monitoring and managing billing and cost optimization processes

MODULE 6: Analysis and Data Management for data consistency and durability

Different storage services,  EBS volumes, EBS Root Devices - Ensuring Data Durability,  Ephemeral storage,  S3 bucket,  backups for services ( EC2 & RD, customizing AMI, How to take a snapshot and reuse the AMI, backup of the RDS instance,  auto snapshots for the RDS instance,Read Replicas With MySQL RDS Across Regions, Storing Log Files And Backups from  glacier service, Managing Backup And Disaster Recovery Processes, Disaster Recovery 

MODULE 7: Beanstalk and Cloud formation services

Provisioning cloud resources and manage implementation automation, Practicals on - First Stack,  Amazon Virtual Private Cloud , Launching An EC2 Instance 

MODULE 8: AWS Security and Networking

S3 Bucket Policies, IAM Policies, Network Access Control Lists (NACLs), IAM Roles With EC2, Data integrity and Access  controls on AWS platform,Multifactor Authentication, Security Token Service,  AWS certificates &  AWS data centers standard  IT Audits,how to implement networking features of AWS, Route53 and DNS Failover, VPC Essentials, Building A Non-Default  VPC, VPC Networking, VPC Security,Troubleshooting Connectivity In Issues,  AWS Direct Connect & On-premise To VPC  Redundancy DB Subnet Groups, Elastic IP Addresses And Elastic Network Interfaces, Configuring A Web Application In VPC, Creating  A Virtual Private Cloud  – VPC

MODULE 9: Big Data Analytics

Analysis on unstructured data using AWS EMR / Dynamo DB(No SQL) , EMR and big data,EMR service, practicals to perform  analysis on Big data

MODULE 10: Best Practices and Optimization

Best Practices , Database Service, Content Delivery Service, Network Service,Application Service, Deploy & Management  Service ,Compute Service, Storage Service


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