DevOps Introduction

What is DevOps?
History of DevOps
Dev and Ops
DevOps definitions
DevOps and Software Development Life Cycle
Continous Integration , Continous Delivery and Continous Improvement
Tools (Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Vagrant)


Getting Started (version control concepts)
What is Git?
Git Concepts and Architecture
Making Changes to Files
Undoing Changes
Ignoring Files
Git Troublshooting

Build Tool:Maven

Introduction to Apache Maven
Understanding the Maven Repository
Understanding the Maven Lifecycle
Understanding the Role of Plugins
Introducing Maven Dependencies
Controlling Maven Classpaths
Maven and Transitive Dependencies
Maven Build Properties
Maven Profiles
Deploying to a Repository
Using Snapshots
Preparing for a Release
Releasing Maven Artifacts

CI Tool: Jenkins

Continuous Integration Fundamentals
Introducing Jenkins
Preparing Your Environment
Starting Up Jenkins
Configuring the Tools
Your First Jenkins Build Job
Introduction to Plugins
Adding Plugins to Jenkins
Managing Plugins
Upgrading Plugins
Introduction to Jenkins Build Jobs 
Creating a Freestyle Build Job
Configuring Source Code management,
introduction to Build Triggers
introduction to Build Steps
Working with Maven and GIT Build Jobs
Setting Email notification
Types of Access and Administration of the Access
Nodes and Master-Slave Configuration


Introduction to Docker
Containers Vs. Virtual Machines
Docker Architecture
Creating Our First Image
Packaging A Customized Container
Running Container Commands With Docker
Exposing Our Container With Port Redirects
The Dockerfile, Builds and Network Configuration
Container Volume Management
Docker: List and Inspect
Docker: Create and Remove

CM Tools: Puppet

Configuration Management
Introduction to Infrastructure
Puppet Architecture
Why Puppet
Resources, Manifest,Class,Module
Relationship ,facts ,datatypes,variables
Templates, Envrionemnt,
Introduction of Hiera and class inheritance

Monitorig Tools : Nagios

Nagios Architecture

Interview Preparation and Real Time Case Study
Training Support

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