Introduction and Getting Started

  • Tableau Desktop’s role in the Tableau product line
  • Application terminology
  • View terminology
  • Data terminology
  • Visual cues for fields


  • Desktop architecture
  • Customizing data connections
  • Data blending

Building Advanced Visualizations

  • Comparing measures towards a goal or benchmark
  • Bar in bar
  • Bullet graph
  • Top or bottom N
  • Nested top N
  • Distributions of data
  • Box and whisker plot
  • Pareto analysis
  • Program management (Gantt chart)
  • Market segmentation (Market basket analysis)
  • Additional visualizations

Working with Calculated Data

  • Review basic calculations
  • Understanding where calculations occur
  • Options for documenting your calculations
  • Aggregating as attributes in calculations
  • Record level calculations for data conversion
  • Advanced table calculations

Building Better Dashboards

  • Reviewing types of actions
  • Use of parameters as filters
  • Best practices in Tableau dashboard design

Working with Parameters

Advanced Mapping

  • Automatic geocoding of data
  • Built-in geocoding
  • Custom geocoding
  • Path mapping of point to point distribution
  • Using background images for spatial analysis

Sharing Your Work

  • Packaging Workbooks
  • Publishing to Tableau Server (Web)
  • Publishing to Tableau Reader
  • Publishing to Tableau Public
  • Publishing to PDF
  • Exporting an image file
  • Exporting data only

Tableau File Types and Extensions

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