Internet OF Things


Internet OF Things

The Internet of Things represents devices, buildings, vehicles and more with sensors, software and network connectivity built into them.
These things are connected to the Internet and to each other transmitting data and information to the people who use them.

We are helping organizations to be successful in this journey.
Our solutions enable organizations to transform their business needs into competitive differentiators.

From integrating the right sensors and deriving meaningful insights to adopting the best-fit platform, we provide the best-in-class IoT solutions and services to our clients.

IoT Deployment Best Practices

Have a strategy

This may be the most vital step. Establishing goals, identifying metrics, assembling teams, identifying use cases etc. are all done as part of strategic planning.

Take one step at a time

Everybody is expecting big things from IoT. Focus on a successful Proof of Concept, do a pilot and go for deployment in phases.

Security is priority

Many new devices will now be connected in the networks. Computing devices is still ok but for the other devices, security is often an after thought. This can make the entire network vulnerable. Plan accordingly.

Infrastructure matters

Take a view of the devices in your environment. Connectivity is of extreme importance in the success of an IoT deployment. Having a modern, stead and reliable infrastructure is another important factor.

Our IOT Products

Student Tracking

Our student tracking solution uses iBeacon (Blue Tooth Low Energy) devices for students and mobile applications for drivers and parents to help them manage all interactions and get real time updates. This enables parents to get real time information about their children whereabouts.

Asset Tracking

Securely tracking the location and health of valuable assets and inventory is critical to business operations. Our IoT solution for asset tracking makes it easy for you to connect and manage all your assets from a single web-based portal.

Smart Parking

Our IoT enabled smart solution monitors parking space availability in a parking area. It also sends automated alerts for cars that have exceeded parking time. Thus, it is capable of removing human intervention completely.

Temparature Monitoring

This product is specially designed for Companies using Boilers and Chillers.Our IOT solution will actively track temparature of boilers and chillers and notify end user in case of any threshold.

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