IT Services


IT Services

We recognize that we’re living in an era where innovation cycles are measured in days and weeks, not months and years.

With emerging applications on the cloud, the explosion of mobility and mounts of unstructured data, organizations are looking for custom IT solutions to support their business needs.

Whether it is a custom application development, support or testing, our consultants are helping customers effectively manage their IT portfolios. We are helping organizations to stay ahead in their game by providing robust solutions that are scalable, secure and easily maintainable.

IT Services

Software Development

We empower our clients using our proven development techniques to create custom applications. Whether they are looking for an application to change the business, run the business or a cross functional IT solution, we deliver a full range of services.

Software Testing

For us, the time to think about quality should be a part of every stage of application development from its inception to delivery. Our innovative and low cost testing solutions gives our customers effective defect detection and cost avoidance


We have extensive experience analysing complex data and transforming it into rich business intelligence that is used to drive decisions. By leveraging various sources and a variety of formats, we help make sense of huge clusters of data, identify areas of inefficiency and strengthen return on IT investment for our customers.

Cloud Integration

With Cloud Integration Capabilities, we enable our customers to migrate their software and applications to the cloud seamlessly. We have done cloud integrations and migrations to cloud environments like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Agile Transformation - The Value We Offer

We provide a holistic approach to implementing Agile methodologies. Our objective is to help our customers deliver business values faster. We work closely with our clients to define success up front and tailor our approach to deliver those results.
We take a phase wise approach in which we help our customers identify the teams that should adopt the methodology first and introduce them to Agile.
Agile is all about the mind-set. We work with our customer’s transformation teams to consider whether there are any structural changes that need to be done as part of the transformation. We also help them in building a maturity model, against which they can measure progress.
We apply measurements to our engagements that build meaningful metrics. These help us to create predictable and measurable results and focus on continuous improvement in our development practices. It also helps us in delivering significant business value and ROI for our clients.

Software Development Services

Application Development

We drive enterprise application implementations whether it is building a custom application or revamping an existing one

Web Development

We provide full range of services in web development starting from design, development, testing and support

Mobile Application Development

Our enterprise mobile application services range across Android, iPhone OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Qualcomm OS.

Product Development

We support our customer’s entire software product lifecycle whether it is design (including architecture, prototyping, and mystery shopping) to development and usability engineering.

BPM and Workflow Enablement

We help our customers integrate their enterprise systems with middleware layers for workflow, business rules engines and Web/SaaS enablement.

ERP Support Services

Our tailored service delivery methodologies, along with our team of seasoned ERP consultants, enable us to expertly support and complement our customers’ internal efforts as well as those of an implementer.

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